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World Cup Fantasy Captain: How Does It Work?

Your captain has always been an important part of fantasy football and in World Cup fantasy it’s about to get even more so.

There has been some confusion as to how exactly the captaincy in the World Cup fantasy game works – and we can see why.

Change Captain Once

The captaincy in FPL is simple – you select one per gameweek.

UCL Fantasy works a little differently as you can change your captain between days.

For example, if you captain a player on the Tuesday fixtures, you can then change it to a player on the Wednesday, all within the same matchday.

This is where the confusion has come in.

It was speculated, due to poor terminology on the official World Cup fantasy website, that you could change your captain every game or day.

This has now been confirmed as false.

The official FIFA website has now been changed to say: “You have 1 (one) opportunity each Matchday to change your captain after he has locked (eg after his team has played their match). However in this situation you can only change your captain to a player who has not yet played in the Matchday (I.e. an Unlocked player).”

World Cup Fantasy Captain Rules

To simplify, once your captain has played, you can only change him once more.

This effectively gives you two opportunities at the captaincy – not several as had previously been indicated.

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For example, if you have Harry Kane as captain, once England have played in MD1, you could change your captain to Lionel Messi, who plays on the following day.

At this point though, you wouldn’t be able to change your captain again.

You can also change your captain between players who play on the same day.

World Cup Captain Strategy

The late rule confirmation has massively changed the best captain strategy in World Cup fantasy.

Now, you need to target two captains.

It also means you need to be less greedy when it comes to your first captain’s points total.

So, if your first captain scored 10 points, it would be hard to justify taking the armband off him.

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To conclude, despite the rule changes/clarifications, captains are as important as ever in the World Cup fantasy game.

The difference between picking (and sticking or twisting) a good captain could well be the difference between winning and losing your mini-league.