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Champions League Fixture Difficulty Planner

Forthcoming Champions League fixtures are an important part of UCL Fantasy. The difficulty of a team’s fixtures goes a long way in determining which players you should select for your team.

That’s why we have created a handy Champions League fixture table. It currently shows Matchday 1 through to 6 and will be updated during the knockout stages of the competition.

UCL Fantasy Fixture Difficulty Matrix

One of five colours are assigned to each fixture from each Matchday. This shows how hard that fixture is for a given team. The colours remain the same regardless of which team is in question.

So, for example, Malmo (H) are considered to be among the easiest fixtures. Therefore, they are given the darkest green colour. That colours remains the same whether we are analysing Barcelona, Juventus or Dynamo Kiev.

The colour coding is as follows:

  • Bright green: Easiest
  • Faded green: Easy
  • Yellow: Average
  • Orange: Hard
  • Red: Hardest

The assignment of each of these is based on the team’s odds of winning the 2021/22 Champions League. So, Bayern Munich (a) is red, while Sheriff is the darkest green. Meanwhile facing Atalanta (H) or Shakhtar Donetsk (a) would be considered an average Champions League fixture.

Whether a fixture is home or away is also considered. The difference between home and away doesn’t deviate by more than one colour.

Naturally there are less fixtures in the Champions League schedule. This is one of the main differences between UCL Fantasy and other fantasy games such as FPL. There are a lot of notable differences, though. Here is our introductory guide to Champions League fantasy football should you wish to learn more or want a refresher.