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Champions League Fantasy Cheat Sheet MD13

Like all fantasy football games, UCL Fantasy is all about picking the best players. Who those best players are often depends on the Champions League fixtures on a given Matchday.

With 16 fixtures in each group stage Matchday it can be difficult to know who the most likely winners are and by how much of a margin.

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UCL Fantasy Cheat Sheet

That’s why we have created the below UCL Fantasy cheat sheet. It shows the following for every Champions League fixture:

Champions League Win Odds – Match

Champions League Clean Sheet Odds

Champions League Goalscorer Odds – Best UCL Fantasy Captain

The table below shows the most likely goalscorers and their estimated chance of starting.

Each player’s chance of starting will be updated through to the Matchday deadline.

Their percent chance of scoring is based on the assumption that they do start.

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Naturally, the players listed below will be some of the best Champions League Fantasy players to pick. Therefore, the players at the top of the list will be among the best UCL Fantasy captain options.

Players that are unlikely to start, ie 40% or less, are excluded from the list. We will include them if they are picked by a lot of UCL Fantasy managers, though.

For individual player stats – price, pick percentages, and points – check out our live Champions League player stats.