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Fixture Analysis

Use this FPL Fixture Analysis matrix to pre-plan your Fantasy Premier League team based on upcoming fixtures.

Fixture difficulty plays an important role in how well FPL players perform. Therefore, you need to pick FPL assets taking into account who they’re playing in the upcoming Gameweeks.

Knowing the majority of your players have good fixtures coming up will garner you more points and also stop you taking -4 point fines for multiple transfers.

This Fixture Analysis matrix will be updated after every Gameweek.

Fixture Difficulty

Fixture Analysis Key

We have used 5 different colours to indicate the difficulty of a fixture. The colour coding purely depends upon the opponent and not the team being analysed.

For example, Chelsea at home to Norwich is listed the same as Brighton at home to Norwich. Therefore, by the same logic, any team playing away to Man City will be marked as red.

Rather than exaggerating the colours, a lot of fixtures fall in the faded green to orange range. This is because there is a big difference between playing Man City (a) and Arsenal (a). The same can be said for playing Norwich (H) and Wolves (H).

The colours indicate the difficulty of each fixture as follows:

  • Bright green: Easiest
  • Faded green: Easy
  • Yellow: Average
  • Orange: Hard
  • Red: Hardest

Team News

Our Team News page is also updated before the start of each Gameweek. We pride ourselves on having the most accurate team lineup predictions.