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Premier League Clean Sheet Odds (Updated Every GW)

Premier League clean sheet odds go a long way in determining who the best defenders in FPL are.

Outside of 3 points, there’s nothing managers want more than a Premier League clean sheet. The same goes for FPL managers too, as clean sheets earn defenders and midfielders 4 and 1 point(s) respectively.

Knowing which teams are most likely to keep a clean sheet in a given round of Premier League matches is vital information.

FPL Clean Sheet Odds

To see which defenders are most likely to start, check out our FPL team news page which predicts every team’s lineup.

You can find clean sheet odds for the next 6 gameweeks for every team in the table below:

TeamClean Sheet OddsFixture

The odds (or chances) come from official odds. They are then converted into a percentage to make the information more digestible.

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The table is sorted by the team that is most likely to keep a clean sheet. So, if you stick with the teams at the top, at least in defence, for your Fantasy Premier League teams you should find yourself in good shape.

You can use the slider bar the top to go anywhere between the upcoming and next 6 gameweeks.