Premier League Clean Sheet Odds – FPL GW7

Premier League clean sheet odds go a long way in determining who the best defenders in FPL are.

Outside of 3 points, there’s nothing managers want more than a Premier League clean sheet. The same goes for FPL managers too, as clean sheets earn defenders and midfielders 4 and 1 point(s) respectively.

Knowing which teams are most likely to keep a clean sheet in a given round of Premier League matches is vital information.

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Clean Sheet Odds – FPL Gameweek 7

The teams most likely to keep a clean sheet in Premier League Gameweek 7 are Chelsea, Man Utd, Wolves and West Ham.

You can find clean sheet odds for every team in the table below:

Table last updated: 27 September 2021

Team Clean Sheet Odds (%)
Chelsea 54%
Man Utd 48%
Wolves 42%
West Ham 40%
Burnley 36%
Leeds 36%
Arsenal 33%
Tottenham 32%
Leicester 31%
Brighton 29%
Man City 27%
Crystal Palace 23%
Liverpool 23%
Aston Villa 22%
Brentford 20%
Norwich 20%
Newcastle 18%
Watford 17%
Everton 14%
Southampton 11%

The odds (or chances) come from official odds. They are then converted into a percentages to make the information more digestible.

The table is sorted by the team that is most likely to keep a clean sheet. So, if you stick with the teams at the top, at least in defence, for your Fantasy Premier League teams you should find yourself in good shape.

FPL Best Defenders

Invariably the best defenders in Fantasy Premier League are the ones that are most likely to get clean sheets.

Their chance of attacking returns, and price, also play an important role but without clean sheets they aren’t going to be appealing to buy.

The below live table shows which defenders have the most clean sheets to their name in this season’s Premier League.


The table shows the following:

  • Player (defenders only)
  • Price
  • Pick %
  • Number of goals conceded
  • Number of clean sheets

It is sorted by most clean sheets. Additionally, you can filter price and pick % to give you more specific results.

One thing the table doesn’t take into account is each player’s chance of starting. Therefore, you should do your due diligence before immediately transferring them in.

Fortunately, our Premier League Team News page predicts every starting lineup and even gives a percentage on every player’s chance of starting.