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Premier League Goalscorer and Assist Odds (Updated Every Gameweek)

FPL managers and football fans alike want to know the odds of each player scoring. Who scores the goals has become almost as important as the result!

Goalscorer odds are used for fantasy football and deciding which players to back.

Now, with the increasing scrutiny on player stats, assist odds are also sought after.

Furthermore, these can be combined to work out each player’s chance of returning (a goal or an assist).

Fortunately, we have you covered on all fronts. Below we share every Premier League player’s anytime goalscorer odds, anytime assist odds and anytime return odds.

The tables are updated throughout the week ahead of each gameweek (matchday).

Click the links below to go straight to each table, or you can simply scroll down:

Goalscorer Odds – Anytime Scorer

The above table provides the percentage chance of that player scoring based on the assumption that they are starting. This is also known as anytime goalscorer odds.

These are the chances of a player scoring at least once. So, it makes no difference if they score two, three, or more.

You can also filter the players by team and position. That way you can easily find out the most likely goalscoring defender, and more!

If you want to see how this translates to expected performance in Fantasy Premier League, then check out our FREE FPL Points Predictor tool.

Assist Odds

This table shares the percentage chances of each player providing an assist.

These assist odds have been calculated with Fantasy Premier League in mind. Therefore, the odds include assists that FPL would count but the Premier League may not.

Once again, it is based on the assumption that the player starts. Also, all our tables only include players that have at least a 10% chance of starting.

If you want to know the chances of every player starting then visit our Premier League predicted starting lineups page.

Anytime Return Odds

Our final table combines the player goalscorer and assist odds to show you the percent chances of them returning at least one goal OR assist (once again assuming starting).

To be clear, our anytime return odds do not include clean sheets – it is strictly a goal or an assist. We do have a clean sheet odds page though, which is also updated ahead of every gameweek.