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FPL Price Changes Tracker – Live Data

The prices of players in Fantasy Premier League are very important. Essentially, they determine the players you can bring into your FPL team.

Invariably, the best players are the most expensive. There are exceptions to this and it is identifying these supposed bargains that pay dividends in FPL.

While player prices are relatively static – they don’t often change by more than a couple of million – they do frequently change. Prices change daily but each player cannot increase or decrease by more than £0.1m.

Latest Price Changes in Fantasy Premier League


The above table lists the very latest price changes. It will show the latest price increases first with the latest price decreases directly underneath them.

If there are more than 10 changes in a single day, you can change the number of entries in the top-left hand corner as opposed to clicking through the pages.

Additionally, you can also sort by the price change column to show which players have had the biggest overall price increase and decrease.

How to Profit From Price Changes

Any positive changes in price within your squad you retain the profit on – at least some of it.

When you sell a player in FPL, you get to keep half of the profit. If the total profit on a player is an odd increment, i.e. £0.5m, then you’ll keep £0.2m of that as it is rounded down.

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A lot of Fantasy Premier League managers pay close attention to their squad value as this enables you to buy more expensive players as the season progresses. There is a correlation between high team values and success.

What Affects FPL Price Changes?

Price changes are determined by the number of managers that pick a particular player.

More specifically, they are determined by a player’s net transfers. A high number of transfers in could increase their price and a high number of transfers out, decrease it.

The exact formula, or threshold, for determining what causes a price change is unknown.

Player prices can change on consecutive days. Generally, they don’t though, unless there is an unusual influx (or outflux) of transfers either way.

What Time Are Price Changes FPL?

Price changes in FPL can occur daily in the early hours of the morning.

For the 2022/23 Fantasy Premier League season they happen at 01:30 GMT.

If there are price changes on a given day, they will be reflected in the price changes table above.

Cheap FPL Players

Sometimes the people responsible for pricing players in Fantasy Premier League get it wrong.

Think of Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez in Leicester’s title-winning season. Then there was Mohamed Salah in his return to the Premier League.

In 2019/20, Mason Greenwood became a must-have player and was even priced under £4.5m at some points.

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While these players will inevitably increase in price – a lot – they can’t really become too expensive. In all of the above examples, even at £2.0m above their starting price, they were more than worth having.

This shows there is maybe an argument that Fantasy Premier League’s price change increments of £0.1m are too small. That is a debate to be had elsewhere, however.