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FPL Captain Picks: Who is the Best Captain This Week?

Choosing the best captain in FPL can make or break a Gameweek and even a season. You won’t always get your captain choice right but it’s important you do so as much as possible.

That’s why we have set up this Fantasy Premier League captain tips page.

Consequently, it is absolutely worth putting in the time to make sure you pick the best captain.

Best FPL Captain

Erling Haaland is the best FPL GW6 captain and comfortably so.

Mohamed Salah has also been in fine form and therefore it’s unsurprising to see him come second in the best captain’s table.

If you’re looking for a differential then any of Julian Alvarez, Phil Foden or Jeremy Doku are the best options but they are riskier start than Haaland.

If you want a differential, you could go with any of the listed full-backs with great clean sheet odds.

For a full list showing which players are expected to score the most points, you can visit our FPL predicted points tool.

FPL Captain Stats Table

This table lists the best FPL captains in order of expected points. These predicted points take into account a player’s starting chances which can be found on our Premier League team news page.

The data is updated every gameweek and throughout the week as the transfer deadline approaches.

Table updated for GW6


Odds are subject to change and will be updated throughout the week

Anytime goal and assist are based on the first fixture of a double gameweek. Anytime return is based on both fixtures (if there is a DGW).

The above table takes the most viable captains from each Gameweek, showing the key stats you need to know:

  • Fixture (opponent)
  • Pick percentage
  • Price
  • Chances of providing at least one assist – anytime assist
  • Chances of scoring at least one – anytime goalscorer
  • Chance of assisting or scoring at least once (anytime return)
  • Predicted points

The captain picks are ordered from best to worst as per our algorithm.

The percentage chance of scoring is based on a compilation of official odds and made upon the assumption the player starts.

Therefore it isn’t something we’ve calculated, meaning there is zero bias attached to it.

However, the order of the best captains does take into account the chances of that player starting.

So, if you’re in doubt, or torn between two captains, the most highly listed player is the best captain pick.

Captain Points

Every gameweek you’ll need to select a captain who will earn double points. Consequently, getting the right captain as often as possible is imperative to earning a good rank.

Generally, 20% of your total points for a Fantasy Premier League season come from captains. In some cases, this number can reach nearly 30%!

In-depth best captain analysis for each Gameweek can be found on the Fantasy Football Pundit FPL Tips page.

Vice Captain

If your captain plays zero minutes, then your vice-captain will earn double points.

So, if you captain Mohamed Salah, for example, and have your vice-captain set as Bruno Fernandes, should Salah not be in the Liverpool squad, Fernandes would get double points.

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This often seems an after-thought given how likely it is for your captain to get some form of minutes.

However, now more than ever with last-minute omissions coming into play, setting your preferred vice-captain is well worth the small amount of time it takes to do so.

Additionally, in case one fixture is postponed at the last minute, it would be sensible to make sure your vice-captain is from an entirely different fixture.