FPL Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR) – Live Table

Fantasy Premier League managers are often meticulous in their planning. Fixtures are a huge part of that preparation and, as a result, the FPL Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR) planner is an essential tool.

The official fixture difficulty is calculated using a complex algorithm which is based on each team’s in-match statistics in both home and away matches. This is then combined with each team’s results in the previous six fixtures.

Fantasy Premier League FDR Planner

Fixture Difficulty Rating Colour Code

  • Bright green: Easiest
  • Faded green: Easy
  • Yellow: Average
  • Orange: Hard
  • Red: Hardest

Due to the way the fixtures are calculated, there is currently no fixture that is considered ‘very easy’. Interestingly, Man City away is the only fixture that is considered ‘hardest’.

The results of this create a value which generates a Fixture Difficulty Rating. This value is converted into the colour which indicates how hard a particular fixture is. Dark green is of course the easiest, while red indicates the hardest.

Due to the live nature of the data the table uses, fixture difficulty is updated on a weekly basis. That means you don’t have to worry about taking into account form because the FDR planner will have already done so.

Fantasy Football Pundit Fixture Analysis

This fixture planner isn’t to be confused with our own Fixture Analysis tool. It is similar to the above FDR but has a few notable differences:

  • More fixtures feature on the two ‘easiest’ and ‘hardest’ extremes
  • It is based on our own analysis of recent results
  • Fantasy Premier League don’t calculate the assigned difficulties

We recommend using both of these tables as doing so can only provide additional clarity when preparing for those all important forthcoming Gameweeks.

While fixtures are unquestionably important to consider, they shouldn’t be given too much weighting.

After all, even if Man City are at home to Norwich, Rodri won’t be making your team. Player stats are far more correlated to points than fixtures are, which is something that shouldn’t be lost sight of.