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The Wildcard Chip In FPL, Explained

The Wildcard chip is a hugely important part of Fantasy Premier League.

It is one of four chips you get to use throughout the season. Those chips are Wildcard, Triple Captain, Free Hit, and Bench Boost.

Using your Wildcard correctly can make or break an FPL season. Consequently, it is worth taking the time to fully understand what it does and the optimum times to use it.


What Is a Wildcard in FPL?

A Wildcard in Fantasy Premier League is a chip that allows you to make unlimited free transfers in a single gameweek without incurring any points deductions.

This is the most powerful chip in FPL and can be used to completely overhaul your team.

For example, if you are unhappy with your team’s performance, you can use your Wildcard to bring in new players who are in good form or who have favorable fixtures coming up.

You can also use your Wildcard to remove injured players or those who have underperformed.

Without the Wildcard, you get one free transfer per gameweek. If you save one from the previous gameweek, you can make two free transfers.

If you make any transfer beyond your allocation, you’ll incur a 4-point deduction.

The Wildcard takes away this 4-point penalty. As a result, you can change your entire team (within the confines of your budget) without losing any points.

When Can You Use the Wildcard Chips?

There are two Wildcard chips to use across the season. You can use them at the following times for the 2023/24 season:

  • 1st Wildcard: Anytime before Saturday, 30th December, 13:30 GMT (GW20 deadline)
  • 2nd Wildcard: Anytime after the GW20 deadline

Of course, there are a few Wildcard rules to follow in FPL:

  • If you don’t use Wildcard chips within the given time frame, you lose them
  • Once you activate a Wildcard, you can’t cancel it
  • You cannot use more than one chip in a gameweek

Wildcard FAQs

Difference Between Wildcard and Free Hit?

The difference between the Wildcard and Free Hit chip in FPL is that Wildcard transfers are permanent, whereas Free Hit transfers are only temporary.

This means using the Wildcard will give you an entirely new team going forward but the Free Hit transfers will only apply for one week. Following that your team will revert to what it was before the Free Hit.

Can You Play Your Wildcard and Another Chip?

If your Wildcard is active, you won’t be able to play any of your Bench Boost, Free Hit, or Triple Captain chips.

However, if you’ve played your Triple Captain or Bench Boost, you can still use your Wildcard because you can cancel these two chips after enabling them.

Will My Wildcard Prevent Point Deductions (Hits)?

Yes, in the event you have already made transfers (taken point hits) and then subsequently use a Wildcard, those transfers will then become free of charge.

Will I Lose My Free Transfers if I Wildcard?

Yes, if you have two free transfers, and you Wildcard, the following gameweek you will only have one free transfer.