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We have an array of Fantasy Premier League tips to give you the biggest advantage in Premier League fantasy football. The Fantasy Football Pundit fantasy football tips cover all aspects of Fantasy Premier League.

Our FPL tips include weekly Premier League lineup predictions, fixture difficulty analysis, FPL price changes, FPL set piece takers and a breakdown of each Fantasy Premier League gameweek. Our Fantasy Premier League team news not only predicts every club’s starting 11 for a given gameweek but also predicts the likelihood of each player starting including the bench players. We also provide an updated fixture difficulty matrix so you can prepare your team and transfers for upcoming gameweeks. Another notable part of Fantasy Premier League strategy are set piece takers. We aim to keep our FPL set piece takers table as up to date as possible.

Intuition and individual opinions play an important part in fantasy football. This is what makes Fantasy Premier League such a unique game. We try to take as much of data driven approach as possible to FPL. This strategy allows you to form opinions based on FPL statistics as well as your own intuition. After all without personal preferences everyone’s Fantasy Premier League team would be the same! The Fantasy Premier League statistics we look at include FPL dream teams, highest scoring players, most picked FPL players, the most transferred in and out players, average points, highest points and finally the most captained player from each gameweek.